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ParrotWB has been developed as a solution to simplify the management of whistleblowing, guaranteeing speed, security and efficiency in the whistleblowing process.

Parrot Whistleblowing offers high guarantees, including: advanced security standards for sending and managing alerts, end-to-end encryption, the possibility of graphical and functional customization of the platform, including the activation of different reporting channels (written, oral and meeting request), multilingual portal configuration and many other features.

Yes, Parrot Whistleblowing can be configured both as a portal for a single company and as a multicompany portal. Moreover, it is possible to segregate the recipients of the reports, allowing to designate different subjects for each company or for different reporting channels activated.

Several reporting channels can be activated on Parrot Whistleblowing: the written report, by sending a fillable questionnaire; the oral report, by sending an audio message; and the meeting request, which allows you to request a meeting with the recipient to release your report.

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